WatchMate AtoN symbols

With our smartAIS 3.03 update you'll notice that we have updated our AtoN symbols to more accurately describe what's out there. Allowing you to look at the screen and assess the situation more quickly. 

Type of AIS AtoN


Symbol (virtual)
Default type (when none of the below apply) ATON.svg VATON_base.svg
Racon (Radar beacon) ATON_racon.svg  Not applicable

Emergency Wreck Mark

ATON_emergency_wreck.svg VATON_emergency_wreck.svg
Beacon, Cardinal North ATON_N.svg VATON_N.svg
Beacon, Cardinal East ATON_E.svg VATON_E.svg
Beacon, Cardinal South ATON_S.svg VATON_S.svg
Beacon, Cardinal West ATON_W.svg VATON_W.svg
Beacon, Port Hand or Preferred Channel Port hand ATON_port.svg VATON_port.svg
Beacon, Starboard Hand or Preferred Channel Starboard hand ATON_starboard.svg VATON_starboard.svg
Beacon, Isolated Danger ATON_danger.svg VATON_danger.svg
Beacon, Safe Water ATON_safe.svg VATON_safe.svg 
Beacon, Special Mark ATON_special.svg VATON_special.svg 

Marks are displayed in Blue when selected, otherwise gray.

Sometimes AIS AtoNs report errors, in those cases we make them appear as distinct yellow for quick assessment. Please note that this doesn't indicate that you are on a collision course with the AtoN. 

Type of failure condition Symbol
AIS AtoN indicating the absence of a charted Physical AtoN (will be a virtual mark) ATON_missing.svg
AIS AtoN indicating to be in Off Position (will be a physical mark) ATON_base_off_position.svg



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