Android target symbols

We have updated our Android app with new symbols for targets. This should give you better situational awareness when looking at target symbols. Here is a table for different speeds we display:

Speed of target

<5knots >5knots >10knots >15knots >20knots
Symbol ic_target_generic.svg ic_target_generic_5.svg ic_target_generic_10.svg ic_target_generic_15.svg ic_target_generic_20.svg

And one for the different targets: 

Type of Vessel Symbol

AIS Class A vessel (generally >300GT)

AIS Class B vessel (generally smaller than Class A) ic_target_generic.svg
Sailing vessel (not actual tack is shown) ic_target_generic_sail.svg
Tug ic_target_generic_tug.svg
AIS MOB (Man Over Board) ic_target_mob.svg
SAR (Search and Rescue) vessel/aircraft ic_target_sar.svg
AtoN (Aids to Navigation) AtoN symbols
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