How to enter my MMSI number and other details

If your Vesper Marine transponder wasn't pre-programmed by the dealer, you must have a valid MMSI number. Your transponder will work in receive-only mode until you enter the MMSI and your vessel details.

You can enter your MMSI into the transponder in several ways:

  1. All Vesper Marine transponders can use the vmAIS PC Configuration Program. You can connect to your transponder using USB or WiFi (XB-8000 and Vision only). Please download and install the latest version from
  2. WatchMate 850 and WatchMate Vision have a configuration screen where your MMSI and other details can be entered. For WatchMate 850, use the Setup menu for "AIS Transponder / Your Vessel Details". For WatchMate Vision, touch the settings icon and then use the wheel menu to select "AIS Settings"
  3. For XB-8000 and WatchMate Vision you can use our WatchMate iPhone app. Install the WatchMate app from Vesper Marine WatchMate App

Never use an unassigned or false MMSI (this is illegal in most countries). Be certain you enter the MMSI carefully. You cannot change the MMSI once it has been entered without contacting your dealer or Vesper Marine.

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