Connecting to Garmin 3210C (XB-8000, WatchMate 850, or Vision)

I am connecting the XB-8000 to a Garmin 3210C via NMEA0183. I want to make sure I have the connections correct.

1. Do I have to connect a heading sensor? I don't use an external heading sensor. I just use the Garmin.

2. Garmin has NMEA ports. Each port has two wires, a data RX and a data TX on each port.

How do you recommend I connect the NMEA Garmin to the XB-8000?


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    Jeff Robbins

    Hi Grover,

    No, you don't need a heading sensor so don't worry about that.

    To connect to the Garmin, see the drawing in the XB-8000 install guide on the Power/Data page where it shows the connections to a chart plotter. In the case of the Garmin which doesn't provide a separate RX- wire you will connect that to the DC-.

    Here are the connections:

    * XB-8000 Gray (NMEA output +) to Garmin Brown (NMEA port 1 RX). Alternatively you can use the Garmin Violet if you want to use port 2 on the Garmin.

    * XB-8000 Yellow (NMEA output -) to Garmin Black (ground).

    You will also need to use the Garmin setup to change the port type to NMEA In/NMEA Out and set the speed for 38,400 baud.


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