XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision with Raymarine a,c,e Series MFD

The XB-8000 and WatchMate Vision are fully compatible with all the newer a,c and e-series Raymarine MFD's. They are a direct replacement/alternative for the Raymarine AIS650.

All Raymarine MFD's that have AIS display capability (that is any MFD that says it is compatible with the AIS650) will work fine with the XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision.

You need a Raymarine SeaTalk-ng to DeviceNet adapter cable which you can install in two ways. If you already have a SeaTalk-ng network, then you use the cable between your existing network and your XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision as shown in this diagram from the Raymarine a-c-e Series Installation and operation instructions:




If you already have a NMEA 2000 network, then you can connect the XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision directly to it and use the SeaTalk-ng to DeviceNet adapter cable to connect the MFD as shown in this diagram:




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    Steen Hadsbjerg


    Can you confirm if this is also the case with the Raymarine C120W MFD?



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    Robert Thompson

    FYI, I set up this configuration with a Raymarine a50. The two communicated, but the a50 would not display the AIS information. After some effort, I found that the a50 will only accept AIS data on the NEMA 0183 ports.  GPS and other data works find on NEMA 2000 with the SEATALK ng to devicenet adaptor.  

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