Tricks in adding XB-8000 or Watchmate Vision to local network

Connect to the device using the USB cable because you can't change the wifi address while you are on it.

Run vmAIS, connect to the USB's Com Port. Open the WiFi page. Turn off "Configure as an Access Point".

Wait until you can see your list of local visible networks. Select your one and give it a password

Ignore the DHCP unless you know your own network.  Press OK, and then Save. Clicking on your network will display the IP number and port used for other programs (including vmAIS).

Generally you shouldn't have any particular problems at this point connecting to the device from other devices via the WiFi router. 

If you do, then before trying anything else - reboot your WiFi router and then try again. Some routers (especially many home routers) have problems routing to new devices over the local area if they have been running for some time. 

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    James H Stradling

    Hi Lynn - I'm going to be using a Mifi Hot Spot (Verizon) to enable wireless connection.  No router is needed, correct?

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