Configuring openCPN for XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision

You can configure openCPN to use your XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision as a source of both GPS and AIS data. There is no need for another GPS receiver connected to your computer.

To configure openCPN:

  1. Connect your computer to your XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision via WiFi
  2. Run openCPN and click on the "Wrench" icon to open the settings panel
  3. Click on "Add Connection"
  4. Tick the "Network" and "TCP" options.
  5. Enter the Address and DataPort as shown in the screen image below. Note: These are the default settings for your XB-8000 and WatchMate Vision.
  6. Click "Ok"



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    James H Stradling

    Morning Jeff - have read your stuff for some years now and have always enjoyed and appreciated your responses and your helpfulness for those of us who are classified as "non-geeks".  That being said, my boat and 8000 unit are some 1400 miles away and I'm sure she needs updated (purchased in Spring 2017) and refreshed, as it were . .  . heck, she needs turned on!  and will be, in about 2 weeks.  Running OpenCPN now on my Surface laptop and will connect when I get there.  What USB cord do I need to have to connect to the 8000? (don't know the fittings- is it the mini?)  Appreciated this article on getting the whole thing up and running . . .  as usual, you've done it again. 

    PS - what if I've forgotten my 8000 password?  Is there a work around?

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    Jeff Robbins

    Jim was in touch at the time with our tech support who was able to help him sort out the connections. But since it was never posted here I wanted to follow up so others can see the answer. 

    The easiest and most mobile solution is to connect the Surface to the XB-8000's WiFi network. You then configure openCPN as shown above and use your Surface anywhere on-board. Nice.

    If you don't recall the XB-8000 password, you'll find the default in the user's guide. If you changed it then you can plug the XB-8000 into a USB port on your laptop and use the vmAIS software on the laptop to see/change the password. The download link for vmAIS is at

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    James H Stradling

    Thanks Jeff . . . as usual, good info .  .helps out immensely.

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