External Alarm support in XB-8000

You can now connect your XB-8000's external alarm output on the 10 pin circular connector (blue wire) to an external buzzer to enable MOB and Anchor Watch alarming features. When an alarm is triggered and the external alarm is enabled this wire will have the input voltage  (from the RED wire) applied, current limited to 150mA. You can use this to provide power to an external buzzer, light or other signalling device.  The wiring is as below

External Alarm/Buzzer Positive (+) to BLUE wire of XB-8000
External Alarm/Buzzer Negative (-) to DC Negative / Ground

The alarm can be muted using the WatchMate android or apple mobile app, the external switch input, or the vmAIS software utility. Configure your alarm setup using the WatchMate mobile app or the vmAIS I/O screen.

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