NMEA Translations

The WatchMate Vision, XB-8000 and XB-6000 AIS transponders support translations from NMEA 2000 into 0183 and vice versa. Not all sentences are supported though. To-date we have added the sentences that are most useful for navigation purposes and that compliment the transponder's safety features. This summary does not include all the AIS NMEA 2000 PGNs that are also transmit from the transponder.

PGN Description Receive

NMEA0183 translation output


NMEA0183 translation input

127250 Vessel Heading  ✓ HDG  ✓ HDG, HDT, HDM
128259 Vessel Speed  ✓ VHW    
128267 Water Depth  ✓ DPT    
128275 Distance Log  ✓ VLW    
129025 Position, Rapid Update      ✓  
129026 COG & SOG, Rapid Update      ✓  
129029 GNSS Position Data      ✓  
129283 Cross Track Error  ✓ XTE  ✓ APB, RMB, XTE
129284 Navigation Data  ✓ APB, BOD, RMB  ✓ APB, BOD, BWW, RMB 
129285 Route/Waypoint Information   ✓  RMB, WPL   ✓  RMB
129540 GNSS Sats in View  ✓     ✓   
130306  Wind Data   ✓  MWD, MWV     
130310 Environmental Parameters  ✓  MTW    
130311 Environmental Parameters  ✓ MTW    
130312 Temperature   ✓  MTW    


Atmospheric Pressure

(only pressure source 0 is used)

 ✓  XDR, MDA     
130316  Temperature Extended Range  ✓  MTW    


These are the PGNs handled for 3.03 software. We will continue to expand this functionality and welcome feedback and suggestions for what new sentence translations we should support.


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