Your WatchMate app can now perform firmware upgrades

The WatchMate app on android and iOS now supports updating the firmware on your WatchMate Vision and XB-8000 AIS Transponders. This removes the need for a laptop running vmAIS; hooray!

The intent behind this is to make firmware upgrades easier to perform. This will allow you to benefit from keeping up-to-date with the latest transponder features and enhancements as we continue to roll them out for both the WatchMate Vision and XB-8000.  

The way it works on android is like this - when you are at home or out and about and have access to the internet, the WatchMate app will periodically (once a day) poll our servers looking for an update to the firmware for your transponder. If it finds one it will ask you if you would like to download it and store it. The next time you are on your vessel and connect to your transponder it will notice you have new firmware ready to use and ask if you would like to perform the update. You can either do it then and there or come back and do it later at a more convenient time. 

It works pretty much the same way on iOS, except there is no background service running automatically polling our servers. Instead, you need to go into the update option in settings and initiate a check for updates. Dont worry though, if you have registered your product you will be on our mailing list and will be notified when a new firmware update is available. If you are not always running your WatchMate app in android the same applies to you too.

Note, the WatchMate app does need to know what kind of device you have, so for this to work "out of the box" it requires you to have connected to the device at least once before. For those that are updating the app this information will be retained from your last transponder connection.

So, keep your eyes peeled for firmware updates, and dont be alarmed the next time you are down on your vessel and your WatchMate app somehow mysteriously knows that your firmware is out of date...








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