Can I use my existing VHF antenna?

Yes. An antenna splitter allows you to use your current VHF antenna instead of fitting another one which will generally lend itself to an easier installation. There are trade off's between using a splitter and having a dedicated antenna for your AIS system, read more about that in the previous FAQ.

If you decide to use a splitter, be sure to get one designed for use with your AIS system. A receive only splitter differs in functionality from a splitter that also allows you to transmit on the AIS path. Damage to either your VHF or your AIS equipment may occur if you use a splitter not well suited to your AIS system. If you have a transponder you must use a splitter designed specifically for use with AIS transponders, like our SP160 Antenna Splitter. Our splitter can also be used with AIS receivers such as the AISWatchMate 750 Receiver.


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