Can I connect AIS equipment to my computer?

Yes. You can take the output from all models of WatchMate and XB Transponder and send it directly to your computer's serial port. If you have charting or navigation software that accepts AIS data then you can run your computer at those times when you wish and still have the benefits of the WatchMate.

All models of WatchMate and XB Transponder also provide NMEA multiplexing which means they will merge both GPS and AIS data into a single output stream. They will also merge any NMEA 0183 instrument data provided to it, such as from a heading sensor, into the output stream. This allows you to combine multiple sources of NMEA data into a single feed for your computer or other devices.

WatchMate 850, WatchMate Vision, XB-6000 and XB-8000 can also plug directly into your computer's USB port, making interfacing even easier.

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